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  • Reflections on Global Data Summit 17

    This blog post will be a review of the Global Data Summit. But first I would like to lose a few sentences about the Advanced Data Vault & Ensemble Modelling meeting, organized by Hans Hultgren and Remco Broekmann. It is an event that brought together experienced data modelers from all over the world (New Zealand, South Africa, Europe and the USA) around Data Vault, Focal and Ensemble Logical Modeling (ELM). That sounds promising, doesn't it?

    Advanced Data Vault & Ensemble Modelling

    There were two interesting days with many topics around Data Vault and ELM, which were put up for discussion. The idea behind the meeting is to think further, e. g. where to go with Data Vault and ELM and what the participants can contribute from their own experiences. I personally find some of the points discussed very interesting and exciting and should be pursued further. With others I have to go into myself and continue researching. Most likely, I'll go into other blog posts on different topics, such as the discussion about concatenated key, partitioned links or how you can do without satellites on links. I will see.

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    In diesem Bereichmeines Blogs habe ich für euch und für mich verschiedene Timelines zusammengestellt, sortiert oder gefiltert nach Hashtags und Namen, z.B.:

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    Data (Vault) Modeling

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