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A new data model for the data warehouse is necessary, but how do you model data? Understanding temporal data and learning methods and techniques to do so? Or a certification in data modeling?

We offer all this in our Academy!


TEDAMOH Team - Stephan, Kim and Dirk

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The DMC Hall of Fame honors the successful graduates of DMC certification. The Data Modeling Certification (DMC) is the major recognized certification for individuals who create or design data models. We are happy to welcome all participants who successfully complete the certification and earn a place in the Hall of Fame.

Successful graduates are free to choose whether they want their name and/or picture to be displayed.


The internationale Hall of Fame can be found on the Data Modeling Institute (DMI) website.

Certified by TEDAMOH

We are very happy for all participants who have successfully completed the certification at TEDAMOH. Great achievement!


DMC cerified superwoman

Sarah Naidu

DMC cerified superman

Yannick Sigwalt

Thomas Herzog

Thomas Herzog

Stephan Wund

Stephan Wund

Karoline Adler

Karoline Adler

Stephan Volkmann

Stephan Volkmann

Dirk Lerner

Dirk Lerner


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Feedback from our clients

What customers say about TEDAMOH!


With this training, Dirk and team manage to convey expert knowledge in a fantastic learning atmosphere through their friendly and professional manner.

My experience of the TEDAMOH training "Temporal Data Modeling" summarized in a video.

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Dirk Lerner was engaged to coach my efforts of creating a data warehouse using data vault 2.0 architecture. It has been a pleasure to work with Dirk.

The guidance given has greatly increased the quality of the design and sped up the entire process.

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Dirk set up a very well structured training on temporal data.

It helped me a lot to develop my knowledge on this challenging topic. 

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I was very satisfied with Dirk Lerner's "Temporal Data in a Fast-Changing World" training.

The training answered all my question about bi-temporality, not addressed in other Data Vault trainings with such clarity.

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