Information Modeling in natürlicher Sprache

Information Modeling in Natural Language

Fact-Oriented Modeling (FOM) is a family of conceptual methods in which facts are precisely modeled as relationships with any number of arguments. This type of modeling enables easier understanding of the model because natural language is used to create the data model. This also fundamentally differentiates FOM from all other modeling methods. This approach sounds new and exciting. However, it goes back to the 1970s in its basic features.

A mature methodology for modeling as well as suitable tool support have existed for about ten years. Similar to Data Vault, the method spread faster and years earlier in the Netherlands. The first implementations with FOM are currently being developed in Germany.

But how does this modeling method work and what are the advantages for the core layer in a data warehouse project?

You can download the full article (in German, excerpt from BI-Spektrum 2017-03) here: