Introduction to Fact-Oriented Modeling

How can I use natural language in my modeling process to achieve high-quality information models?

Satellites on Links, yes or no? - Part 2

Using a Satellite on a Link? The discussion continues with descriptive data.

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And there it was again, the lively discussion about the use of a Link Satellite. The argumentation, whether yes or no, went round in circles.

Wie verwendet man die Data Model Scorecard?

Have you ever thought about how good a data model is? Whether it is possible to evaluate a data model objectively with the Data Model Scorecard?

FastChangeCoTM is a company to illustrate the problems, challenges and opportunities of my customers without naming them concretely.

FastChangeCoTM's data modelers keep experiencing the problem of lost mappings from views to tables in PowerDesigner.

The consideration of automating the processes in a data warehouse (DWH) as far as possible keeps many project teams busy today.