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A new data model for the data warehouse is necessary, but how do you model data? Understanding temporal data and learning methods and techniques to do so? Or a certification in data modeling?

We support you with coaching, our academy or with consulting!!


TEDAMOH Team - Stephan, Kim and Dirk

Blank sheets of paper for notes during seminars at the TEDAMOH Academy - Photo by Brandi Redd on Unsplash


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  • Academy

    With our TEDAMOH Academy we offer various seminars, trainings and workshops to support and develop continuous learning in your daily business.

    You can either extend you theoretical knowledge by attending a seminar or work in practically oriented workshops to acquire knowledge by yourself. To train the usage of a new software or method, such as dealing with temporal data, it is best to have a closer look at the training area.

  • Welche Zeit für Data Vault Timelines?

    Welche Zeit nehme ich für die Timelines in den Data Vault Entitäten? In meinen Projekten stellt sich immer wieder diese Frage. Dokumentiert das LoadDate im HUB, im LINK und im SAT den Load Date TimeStamp (LDTS) nach Dan Linstedt, oder doch die Transaction Time zu der Daten im Quellsystems entstanden sind? Oder besser die Extraktionszeit? Oder die Transaktionszeit der Datenbank1) zu der die Datenbank die Datensätze in die Tabellen speichert? Nicht einfach zu beantworten, oder?

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TEDAMOH - Testimonial Coaching und Training

As a result, the team's knowledge, identification with, and trust in the data model are at a high level. This is very good, because we are facing great challenges on our way to becoming a data-driven company.

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 The basics of historisation are explained in detail in theory and immediately prove with practical exercises, fantastic!

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With his expertise as a coach for Data Vault and flexible data warehouse architectures, Dirk Lerner can be fully recommended.

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TEDAMOH - Data Modeling Certification (DMC)

The data modeling certificate helped me a lot to get an overview of the different data modeling categories and to deepen my theoretical knowledge again after the practical work experience I made.

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