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Fact-Oriented Modeling Teaser

Fact-Oriented Modeling Teaser
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Stephan Volkmann
25 July 2017

Fact-Oriented Modeling (FOM) stands for a family of fact-oriented conceptual modeling methods. FOM facilitates easier communication about the conceptual model between the modeler and the domain expert by verbalization of concrete examples in the language of the domain expert, a design process as a guide for creating the model and the focus on elementary facts. Automatically generated documentation in natural language makes it easier for the domain expert to validate the model. These advantages result in a better conceptual model than in traditional modeling methods. In this report, the history and the idea of FOM are presented. The most popular methods in this family are Cognition Enhanced Natural Language Information Analysis Method (CogNIAM), Second Generation Object Role Modeling (ORM 2) and Fully Communication Oriented Information Modeling (FCO-IM). These are explained in basic terms and illustrated by examples. Subsequently ORM2 and FCO-IM are compared with respect to their methodology, model elements and tool support.

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