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German Data Modeling Master Class

The course covers the basics to detailed information about data modeling and is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. Highly recommended!


Here's what participants are saying about the first Data Modeling Master Class in Fall 2022


The training gives a good insght on the most important parts of data modelling and the best practice rules to follow.

Instructive and comprehensive training on data modeling. Good overview of basics for beginners and helpful insights for advanced users.

This training provides a great toolset for asking the right questions and drawing the right conclusions for building data models that actually reflect your business.

Great training, very comprehensive, maps all the data modeling topics, the exercises round out what I learned.

Very instructive training. Through many exercises and clear examples, what is learned is directly put into practice.

The course does an excellent job of conveying the fun of data modeling. Essential soft skills are explained to data modelers, which are either lost in the daily work routine or which may not yet exist.

A great and comprehensive overall look at all areas of data modeling.

Interesting training. Suitable for both beginners and advanced. The knowledge learned can be applied immediately in the exercises.

This course is also recommended for experienced data modelers. The self-perception and the perception by others of the role of data modeler is dealt with in an exciting and instructive way.

Feedback from Data Modeling Master Class Fall 2022

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