I, Stephan, am very happy that I'm invited to give a presentation at the Knowledge Gap 2020 in Munich.

My presentation is about advanced techniques in Fact-Oriented Modeling.

Often data models are built with a technical focus, because they need to be delivered fast or must meet various technical requirements. Therefore, the business aspect and the meaning of objects and relationships are swept under the table. But then the business domain later hardly understands the data model and has problems to work with it in own applications or reports – which often results in a redesign of the data model and renewed time and cost expenditures.

I recommend the approach of Fact-Oriented Modeling: first build business models together with the domain experts and in the next step automatically derive a technical model from that. Fact-Oriented Models are built with verbalizations of the business domain – and therefore these experts are also able to validate the model itself. The tools to build the model afterwards can derive database scripts from the fact-oriented model, for example to implement a normalized ER Model.

Me and Marco Wobben introduced the topic of Fact-Oriented Modeling at several conferences (e.g. Data Modeling Zone and TDWI Munich) in Germany. My presentation will be a focus presentation (20 minutes) about techniques to implement special use cases in a fact-oriented model and the transformation into a data vault model.

Because of these facts, I won´t be able to give a detailed introduction of Fact-Oriented Modeling and Fully Communication Oriented Information Modeling. So if you have any questions in advance or want to know some resources for reading, you can contact me here.

I would be very happy to meet you at the conference and exchange ideas with you!

See you soon,


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