Do you want to learn something about data modelling with Steve Hoberman? You want to explore new methods like Data Vault 2.0, Anchor Modeling, Data Design, DMBOK and many more? E.g. a keynote where Dan Linstedt, Lars Rönnbäck and Hans Hultgren talks together, and another one with Bill Inmon?

If yes, then visit the Data Modelling Zone Europe 2015 in Hamburg, September, 28.-29. September (Flyer).

Guess what, Andreas Wiener and I will talk about Data Design – a love story. Come and visit us to listen to our new method Data Design. By the way, get 10% off using my discount code LERNER during your registration process at

For a look at the full program, follow this link (WebLink or PDF)

I'm looking forward to meet you all there! Send me a short messages if you want an appointment with me and I’ll arrange it.

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