A conference for the data-driven generation!

It’s late October 2016, an incredible crowd of young data-driven peeps are on their way to Berlin, looking forward to meet many other peeps with the same attitude at the Data Natives conference: Doing business with data or seeing a huge value in using data for the future. Besides the crowd I was not only impressed by the location but also by the amount of startups at the conference.

The schedule for two days was full packed with talks and it wasn’t easy to choose between all these interesting topics. So I decided not to give myself too much pressure. Instead I cruised  through the program, and stumbled on some highlights.

François-Xavier Rousselot, Professor of Machine Learning at IE Business School, talks about the Dawn of the Machine Age. It was a talk about the impact of machine learning on contemporary business. Great insights! For me another highlight was to listen to another #BBBT member:  Ali Rebaie. After tweeting a lot and listen to each other during #BBBT sessions, it was a great pleasure to finally meet him in person at the conference. Ali gave us insights into Data Innovations at the intersection between human science and virtual reality.
Data Natives Conference October 2016 - Ali DirkNext I found myself in the talk Databases - The Choice Is Yours. Philipp Krenn took us on a journey from the early beginnings of databases until todays modern successors. Such fun to remember all the ancient times and what was developed over the last few decades.
Later on day one I had my own presentation about Data, Data, Metadata - DNA of Data Architecture? (PDF)

Lisa Winter and Nicolas Rossetti showed us in their talk how to become a data scientist by Building a Bridge between Skillset and Use Case. Especially Lisa's Real faces of Data Science impressed me, as well as the statement that data scientists need carefully modeled and structured data sources, even if the data is persisted in a “data lake”.

Overall there were great possibilities to network, get to know new and interesting people, and share thoughts about data-driven opportunities.

So long,

P.S:: Finally, you can watch my presentation on YouTube!

Pictures (Thank you very much!)


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