I am very pleased to be speaking at the Global Data Summit in Golden, Colorodo this year. I am talking about one of my favorite topics: Temporal data in the data warehouse, especially in connection with data vault and dimensional modeling. The title is:

Bitemporal modeling for the Agile Data Warehouse

The talk is a 5x5 presentation, that is 5 slides in 5 minutes. Afterwards, the participants have the opportunity to discuss the topic intensively with me in a 90-minute whiteboard session.

„The speaker will focus in this session on the method and techniques for merging timelines of Data Vault Satellites with bi-temporal data to get data out of the Data Warehouse’s core layer. He will show the concepts to provide star schema dimensions as uni- or bi-temporal objects.”

I am particularly pleased to be a moderator and part of the Data Vault 2020 Panel's Data Vault experts. I am looking forward to a lively discussion on topics such as

  • The near-term future of Ensemble Modeling Patterns,
  • where are we Heading for 2020 and
  • what changes can we expect?

For participants who spontaneously want to come to the Global Data Summit there is a 35% discount by using my Speaker code:  speaker2017.

The Advanced Data Vault & Ensembling Modeling Summit will take place in the run-up to the conference. This is where some Data Vault enthusiasts and experts meet to discuss the most diverse challenges in Data Vault practice. And whether synergies from other Achor-Modeling-Styles, such as anchor modeling or focal, can or are possible.

After the conference, Claudia Imhoff will host the first joint dinner for members of the BI Boulder Braintrust (#BBBT). Since #BBBT-er from all over the world are coming to the Global Data Summit, it's a great opportunity to meet us in person.

I'm looking forward to some exciting days in Golden, Colorado.

So long,


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