The Smartest Way To Deal With The Data Integration Challenges

Authored by Dario Mangano
Edition: 1.0

Data Warehouse projects fail.

As an industry we have been battling with this phenomenon for decades. Though we have been getting better over the years, as an industry we still have a long way to go.

Fortunately some people have found ways to beat the odds. By thinking out of the box, formulating new ideas, and creating new innovative approaches these people have each somehow unlocked the secrets of successful DW programs.

Within this group there are those who have fire tested their theories with real life deployments. They have proven the merits of their ideas with perhaps the only test that really matters – actually deploying successful DW programs.

Now this is a small group, a special club, and of the few members in this club, an even smaller group is willing and able to communicate and share their ideas.

In this book, Integrated Data Hub™, Dario Mangano shares with us his ideas including the solution he developed and the proven architecture that he has successfully deployed in several organizations.

This book is a guide to a successful data warehousing business intelligence (DWBI) program.

One of the success factors is recognizing that there is no success to be found in a data warehouse project. To leverage enterprise data we have to recognize two things; first that the data warehouse is not a project with a beginning and end but rather an ongoing program, and second that this program is not technically driven but actually business and information driven.

The Integrated Data Hub™ is an organizational information framework that takes into account the dynamic characteristics of the data warehouse function. Business alignment, data integration and historization are ongoing dynamic functions that need to respond to changes in the business, changes in the sources, and changes in downstream requirements.

The organizational need for enterprise-wide data is an increasingly important component of enterprise management. With this increasing importance comes also an increasing need for traceability and auditability. Dario explains how the role of the business intelligence department is to manage the transformation of integrated and trusted data into understandable information with real business meaning.

Dario’s IDH leverages the concepts and principles of both Bill Inmon’s data warehouse and corporate information factory, and of Ralph Kimball’s dimensional modeling and data marts. Insofar as the goals of the IDH require an optimized modeling paradigm, Dario has specified the use of the data vault modeling approach.

Dario starts by sketching the historical background and then introduces the IDH concept. Keep reading as Dario weaves the IDH components together into an effective strategy and a cohesive blueprint for enterprise information management. From a modeling perspective this book takes us from 3NF and Star Schemas to Data Vault and Dario’s own Leaf Schemas.

From an architectural perspective this book describes the component layers and their specific characteristics.

This book is a great addition to the IP for the new age of data warehousing and information management.

Data Warehouse programs using the IDH™ succeed. And perhaps that is the most compelling reason to read this book.

Hans Hultgren (Author of the book: Modeling the Agile Data Warehouse with Data Vault)

About the author:

Dario Mangano is an executive with over 23 years of global IT management and consulting experience.

In his current role as Head of Knowledge Management of an international retail group, he manages the Business Intelligence, Enterprise Content Management and Global Data Services departments and drives the transformation of structured data, as well as unstructured and big data into information and knowledge. The motto of his department is indeed: “From Data, To Information, To Knowledge, To Actions!»

Dario is also a renowned keynote speaker at Business Intelligence international events.

In addition, he is a certified Data Vault Modeler and the founder of the Swiss Network of Business Intelligence Professionals.

Publication Date:
Okt 22 2013
1481061402 / 9781481061407
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