5th anniversary of TEDAMOH

Dear readers of my blog,

five years ago a long cherished idea of mine became reality. On July 1, 2017, TEDAMOH saw the light of day.

In that time, we've experienced a lot with you - done numerous coaching sessions, multiple data modeling and Data Vault projects, taken your suggestions, e.g. our temporal training[1] or our Secret Spice[2], and learned a lot together with you.

I share my experiences with you - through my fictitious company FastChangeCoâ„¢ in articles and blog posts.

On the occasion of this anniversary, we have really put our backs into it and completely turned our website upside down. In addition to all the familiar functions, our new appearance brings more clarity and a leaner design.

We are proud of what we have achieved over the last five years. Therefore, to all who have accompanied us on the way:


So long,
Dirk and team

[1] Temporal data in a fast changing world
[2] Secret Spice - series with tips and tricks for PowerDesigner - more series coming soon

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