Last week in June I was at the TDWI Conference 2016 at Munich. ITGAIN, my employer, had as a platin sponsor a booth to present our products and services!

In my point of view, it was another great TDWI conference at Munich with a lot of awesome people I could talk with - including an interesting discussion about data architecture with Mark (Madsen) and all the nonsense happening in the Big Data world.

A bunch of talks, presentation and case studies makes it difficult to attendees to decide which tracks to visit, but on the other hand we could learn a lot about a various kind of topics like data modeling or performance aspects of Spark.


On Wednesday Andreas and I had our presentation about Data Design – Von den Rohdaten zur Entscheidung (Data Design – from source data to decision)! We demonstrated on the basis of my fictitious company FastChangeCo which organizational, technical and business steps are to do to achieve a future proven, agile and flexible data warehouse. It was a short and entertaining 90-minute talk and for me the best feedback ever was:

What? It’s already the end of your talk?

I’m looking forward to meet you at one or more of my upcoming talks!

So long,


Finally, some nice tweets:

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