Or how to successfully destroy every level of the data warehouse

Dirk, I just read an article from you about Data Vault Modeling and the 13 tips for failure in the BI spectrum. A very interesting article with really good tips. Thanks a lot for that.Christian Ehrentraut, BI & Data Engineer

Are you pampered with success and tired of the eternal pat on the back? You don't want to be so successful with your first attempt at implementing a Data Vault project that all your colleagues become jealous?

Here you will find 13 proven tips on how to make your Data Vault project a successful failure. You can let yourself be inspired whether you prefer to start at the organizational level right at the start of the project, tackle your logical data model incorrectly or just want to patch up the technical implementation shortly before the end of the project.

You can download the complete article (in German) here:

You can download the translated article (in English) here:

Are you interested in other translations? Then comment this article or send a message. And don't forget to read the follow-up-blogpost An open and honest feedback on “13 tips …”, which was only made possible by this one.

My thanks goes also to my co-authors Petr and Peer. Only with you the article could become so ironic.

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2019-05-27 update: Added English translation and link to the article: An open and honest feedback on “13 tips …”

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