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  • Data Modeling Certification

  • DMC - Fall 2021 Webinar Series

    On September 28, 2021, the next webinar series will start in preparation for the Data Modeling Certification (DMC) in fall 2021. The DMC is a recognized certification of the Data Modeling Institute (DMI) and has a high relevance for all who create or design data models in the industry.

  • DMC - Webinar-Reihe Herbst 2021

    Am 28. September 2021 startet die nächste Webinar-Reihe zur Vorbereitung der Data Modeling Certification (DMC) im Herbst 2021. Die DMC ist eine anerkannte Zertifizierung des Data Modeling Institute und hat eine hohe Relevanz für alle, die in der Branche Datenmodelle erstellen oder entwerfen.

  • The depth of bitemporal data


    I was very satisfied with Dirk Lerner's "Temporal Data in a Fast-Changing World" training. The training answered all my question about bi-temporality, not addressed in other Data Vault trainings with such clarity. Dirk's detailed explanation and hands-on exercises helped me to proceed with the topic with ease. For anybody serious about the depths of bi-temporal data in data warehouses, I highly recommend Dirk's training.

    Milan Dobri | Managing DirectorClearview Consulting