Data Warehouse

  • The depth of bitemporal data

    TEDAMOH - The depth of bitemporal data

    I was very satisfied with Dirk Lerners Temporal Data in a Fast-Changing World! training. The training answered all my question about bi-temporality, not addressed in other Data Vault trainings with such clarity.

  • The Integrated Data Hub

    The Smartest Way To Deal With The Data Integration Challenges

    Authored by Dario Mangano
    Edition: 1.0

    Data Warehouse projects fail.

    As an industry we have been battling with this phenomenon for decades. Though we have been getting better over the years, as an industry we still have a long way to go.

    Fortunately some people have found ways to beat the odds. By thinking out of the box, formulating new ideas, and creating new innovative approaches these people have each somehow unlocked the secrets of successful DW programs.

  • Welcher Zeitstempel für eine Data Vault timeline?

    TEDAMOH - Secret Spice Data Vault timeline - Picture by Parrish Freeman on Unsplash

    Erfasst das Datenelement Load Date Timestamp (LDTS) im Hub, Link oder in einem Satelliten den Zeitstempel des Batches, oder eher den Transaktionszeitstempel zu dem die Daten im operativen System entstanden sind?