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updated 12:03 PM, Feb 14, 2020 Europe/Berlin
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Data Modeling Zone

Die Data Modeling Zone (DMZ) hat für 2013 ein herausragendes Programm mit vielen Highlights auf die Beine gestellt. In über 100 Vorträgen in Europa und den USA werden aktuelle Themen und Trends rund um  Datenmodellierungskonzepte, -techniken und -ansätze präsentiert. Daneben bietet die DMZ aber auch viel Zeit und Gelegenheit zum Netzwerken. 

Das gesamte Programm für die DMZ Europe und DMZ US sowie weitere Informationen finden Sie unter www.DataModelingZone.eu und www.DataModelingZone.com

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  • Zugriffe: 2030


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  • TDWI Roundtable

    Blogposts around the TDWI Roundtable Frankfurt.

  • Data Architecture
  • FOM

    Fact-Oriented Modeling (FOM) stands for a family of fact-oriented conceptual modeling methods. FOM facilitates easier communication about the conceptual model between the modeler and the domain expert by verbalization of concrete examples in the language of the domain expert, a design process as a guide for creating the model and the focus on elementary facts. The most popular methods in this family are Cognition Enhanced Natural Language Information Analysis Method (CogNIAM), Second Generation Object Role Modeling (ORM 2) and Fully Communication Oriented Information Modeling (FCO-IM).

  • General Modeling
  • Bitemporal Data

    If everything would happen at the same time, there would be no need to store historic data. We, the consumers of data, would know each and everything at the same instant. Beside all the other philosophical impacts, if time wouldn’t exists, is data still necessary?

    (Un)fortunately time exists and data architects, data modelers and developers have to deal with it in the world of information technology.

    In this category about temporal data I will collect all my blogposts about this fancy topic.